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Your Essential Mustang Maintenance Guide

Your Essential Mustang Maintenance Guide

While modern-day Mustangs are not nearly as maintenance-heavy as classic models of the past, if you want to keep your muscle car running smoothly and at peak performance, be prepared to put some work into it. You expect a lot out of a high-powered car like a Ford Mustang, but it’s going to expect something out of you. Keep in mind that, as with any car, the more miles you put on, the more maintenance you’re going to have to perform. As a general rule of thumb, every 15,000 miles (24,000 kilometres) you put on, bring it into Colony Ford Brampton for an inspection to check your exhaust, cooling, braking, and steering linkages, and so that we can change your air filter and lubricate the suspension. Unless something wears down or breaks, perform basic maintenance at the half-way intervals.

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 Colony Ford Brampton has a world-class service centre, staffed by Ford-trained technicians who can meet all of your tune up needs, even for a car as special as the Mustang. In fact, we specialize in Mustang customizations and live to see these vehicles tearing up the road. Our parts department makes finding Ford parts in Brampton quick and easy with our online parts request, too. But, we wanted to take a minute to show you the kind of basic maintenance we recommend on a Mustang.

Air Filters 

Paper filters typically come standard, but they may be one of the first things you want to replace. You can change paper filters as they get dirty, but you may want to consider either an aftermarket panel filter or an open air element filter. Both help your engine breathe and deliver better fuel efficiency, so always keep your air filter clean. A few good signs that it’s time for a change include reduced fuel economy, unusual sounds coming from the engine, and misfiring.


If you’re running your Mustang hard, don’t try to save when it comes to oil, as premium brands reduce wear and tear. You’ll be saving yourself money in the long run by taking care of it now – you can also opt for synthetic oil over conventional, as they can last up from eight to sixteen thousand kilometres.

Cooling System

Your cooling system keeps the engine from overheating, and if you want to take care of your engine, you’ll take care of your cooling system. Engines produce a lot of heat – as much as 70 percent of the energy in gasoline becomes heat rather than mechanical power.


Your Mustang’s tires play an important role in the overall performance of your vehicle, so avoid cheap tires and make sure you give them their proper due. Check their tread depth using the classic coin test, always keep them properly inflated, and rotate to even out the wear and tear.

 Braking System

 A good rule of thumb is to check your brakes every year, or if you start to hear squealing; if you take your Mustang to the track, you should be checking your brakes, brake fluid, and rotors more frequently.

Spark Plugs

 There’s nothing special about regularly changing your spark plugs in a Mustang, but with a car like this, you’re likely to replace them more frequently. You don’t drive a Mustang to save on spark plugs, so you may even want to consider aftermarket Roush spark plugs for Mustangs, available through Colony Ford Brampton, a licensed Roush dealer.

If you have more questions about the care and maintenance of your Ford Mustang in Brampton, book an appointment at our service centre or just give us a call.

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