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You'll Never Guess What Goes into a New Ford

You'll Never Guess What Goes into a New Ford

There is no doubt that all over the world there has been a dramatic increase in the use of sustainable food and biomaterials. Here in the auto industry, many may be surprised to learn that many of these are actively being used in new Ford models like the new Ford Fusion. In fact, currently Ford models are built including materials made up of soybeans, rice hulls, wheat straw, coconut, and more, while even more materials are currently being tested. Take a look below to learn more.

As a part of Ford's farm to car initiative, the search for sustainable and environmentally-sound production techniques has led to many great discoveries and innovations in the construction of vehicles. Currently, Ford is testing applications for sugar cane, tomatoes, dandelion, corn, and many other farm sourced biomaterials, promising an exciting future for the Ford brand and complete satisfaction for drivers.

To learn more about the many practical applications of Ford models, browse our pre-buy research and new Ford listings, and then come see us at Colony Ford in Brampton, ON. Once you arrive at our location, we'll help you identify the perfect Ford model for your future, arrange a test drive, and ensure an effortless transition into ownership. Soon you'll be enjoying the advanced construction and supreme satisfaction of a new Ford model.

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