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What's happening at Colony throughout Spring & Summer

What's happening at Colony throughout Spring & Summer

     Spring is here, yet the weather seems to tell us otherwise. There are lots of things happening at our dealership as we move forward in 2013, here are just a few things that need to be mentioned!

As in other posts you might have seen, the all-new 2013 Lincoln MKZ has arrived and are inventory of this beautiful car is starting to build. It's a car you have to see in person, considering that it is an entry-level Lincoln, you would be astonished by the features and styling characteristics it has to offer. It's almost difficult to not stare at it when seeing it sitting stylish in our showroom.

Our Mustang event is underway, we have a large corral of all
sorts of Mustangs. Everything from V6 select-shift coupes, to V8 GT
convertibles in 6-speed manual transmissions. We even have a beautiful
red Boss 302, which is the most aggressive out of the bunch. The colors
of our Mustangs range from the "Gotta have it Green" or as simple as
"Performance White". The mustang has always been a timeless muscle car,
and a preferred vehicle in the movie industry because of it's sound and
muscular looks. If you have ever thought of owning one, swing by our
dealership and take one for a test drive. Once you realize how
affordable these cars really are, you just might have to find a spot in your driveway for one.

Our trucks at Colony seem to be a big hype this year. Every week we are lifting an F150 and installing beefier wheels and tires to, accessorizing these trucks is something we love to do, to personalize a vehicle to make it your very own is something that Colony strives to be the best at. If you drive around our parking lot, you will see that some of our employees even have lifted F150s with mud-terrain tires. We find that although it increases the aggressive stance of the truck, it does not overly sacrifice the function and efficiency of the vehicle.

Charity events for this spring/summer include:
A car wash at Colony that we are working on, we do not know when this will take place as yet, but stay tuned!
The James Fund Sports Car Rides will be taking place in June, the date is still to be determined. We look forward to shredding tires and creating lots of tire smoke in our Mustang GT this year.
Our classic car show will be taking place towards the end of summer, we are expecting over 150 cars for this event!

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