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What Makes Ford Parts Better Than Aftermarkets?

What Makes Ford Parts Better Than Aftermarkets?

So you're planning a repair for your Ford. You've got your tools and your grubby clothes. But what parts are you using? Aftermarkets? You may have found them at an unbelievably cheap price on a random website, but you're going to find out soon what makes them so cheap. Best way to ensure a quality repair is to use genuine Ford parts.

What makes Ford parts better than aftermarkets? Four major reasons:

  • Quality: Your Ford vehicle's integrity is important, which is why Ford parts are just as high quality as the vehicle itself. You never really know how good an aftermarket part will be.
  • Longevity: Ford parts last longer precisely because they're higher quality.
  • Savings: You'll end up saving a ton on future repairs... because there won't be as many when you use Ford parts in the first place.
  • Support: The helpful and knowledgeable staff at Colony Ford can give you a level of support you won't get from the aftermarket websites.

Get in touch with the Parts Centre here at Colony Ford, and make sure your repair lasts!

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