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What It’s Like Driving The 2017 Mustang GT

What It’s Like Driving The 2017 Mustang GT

The Ford Mustang was practically born a legend and since 1964, it’s long been associated with youth, adventure, boldness, and power. All that and they’re a treat to drive, which is why we’ve been selling them to Brampton and the Greater Toronto Area for over 45 years.

The 2017 Mustang GT gives you the true sound of the American muscle car, a sound that sinks itself inside of you and gives you a thirst for the road. If you’re not convinced that the 2017 Mustang GT with the V8 will have you stepping out of it with a grin stretched from ear to ear, just watch (and listen) this test drive video. Of course, there’s no substitute for the real thing and if you really want to experience the Mustang’s roar, come visit us at Colony Ford Brampton. Once you get in, you won’t want to get out. Despite how smooth it sounds, the roar of the engine isn’t the only reason to buy a Mustang in Brampton.

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Besides the V8, the 2017 Mustang is also available with their Ecoboost option, which Business Insider admiringly reviewed, even compared with the V8. The Ecoboost is the more manageable, practical option for most drivers; it’s got plenty of power if you’re new to the Mustang brand, as well as grip, making it more manageable for less experienced drivers. The main reason to get the Ecoboost option, though, is fuel economy. Ecoboost can get up to 32 MPG, so while critics have said it feels restrained, if you’re going to be using this car for both pleasure and everyday business, like your morning commute, you can save a buck. Don’t think that they’ve tamed the Mustang too much, though; even with Ecoboost, driving will never feel like a chore.

For those drivers who want to experience the Mustang’s power and feel, but love a good deal, at Colony Ford Brampton we also sell certified pre owned Ford Mustangs. These are Ford certified vehicles and they come with all the benefits of our certified pre owned program, including:

•    Our 12 month/20,000 km comprehensive warranty coverage
•    24-Hour roadside assistance
•    Rental car reimbursement
•    Ford’s 172-point inspection, done on all certified pre owned vehicles
•    3 free months of Sirius XM
•    Financing rates from 1.9%
•    and a full tank of gas when you drive off the lot

Buying certified pre owned gives many of the same perks as buying new, not to mention the assurance of factory inspection, but you still save a few dollars. Stop by your Brampton Ford dealership or check out our website to see what pre owned Mustangs we have on our lot at any given time.

The Mustang is a storied car that we’re proud to sell, service, and customize. Long-time Mustang drivers will love Colony Ford Customs, our brand of Mustang and F-150 customizations. We are certified ROUSH dealers, so check out our packages or call us about your own vision.

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