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Touring Car Inspires our Colony Customs Division

Touring Car Inspires our Colony Customs Division

Touring car racing is quite popular in all parts of the world. Here in Canada, we have a series known as the Canadian Touring Car Championship. A majority of these races take place in Quebec and Ontario and caters to cars that are available in today's showrooms. In fact, this kind of motor racing has become so popular, that manufactures now build vehicles specifically to be top performers in their eligible classes. There is a specific class for cars like the basic Ford Fiesta in the B-spec class, and the Focus ST fits perfectly in the top Super Touring class.

It's racing like this that really encourages us to build a street looking version of these race cars, and that is where our Colony Customs division gets it's motivation from.

In Britain, the all new Focus ST is really making a name for itself in the British Touring Car Championship. These are high budget teams and the racing is extremely intense with lots of contact. Here are just a few pictures of the BTCC Focus in action.

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