The Lohman Family Loves the Ford Super Duty Lineup


The Lohman Family Loves the Ford Super Duty Lineup

The last few posts have focused on our small model cars, so we decided to spring into spring in a big way why bringing you folks a video of our big trucks.

While the 2014 Ford F-150 is an extremely popular pickup (and has been for decades), sometimes you need a little more power, and that is where the Ford Super Duty Series comes in handy. We're used to hearing about these trucks being used around farms, but we love seeing them haul some unconventional machinery around.

The Lohman family certainly has a wide range of Super Duty vehicles from a variety of years, which just goes to show how reliable these models are.

There are 15 trims to choose from, including the 2014 Ford F-250. With standard Roll Stability and Trailer Sway Control you'll feel secure during the work day.

For more information on these models visit us at Colony Ford Lincoln. We're located in Brampton, ON and we are ready to help you out!

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