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The Ford Focus ST Joins the Longboarding Fun

The Ford Focus ST Joins the Longboarding Fun

Back in 2013 Ford sent gangs of extreme go-getters out for a day of fun with different Ford models. While some groups needed larger vehicles these long boarders were content with the small Focus ST to store their boards until they got to the starting mark.

At Colony Ford Lincoln we can't decide who's having more fun in this video. Is it the group of advanced longboards who get to feel the wind whipping against their arms or the driver that gets to follow in the sporty Ford Focus ST?

After seeing the ending we think the driver, with his nice drift across the finish line, had the most fun,  but we'd like to hear your opinion too!

At our Brampton, ON location we have a great selection of new Ford vehicles as well as Lincoln models. Our vehicles come in various sizes so regardless of your needs we'll definitely have you covered and off on an adventure.

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