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The “Built Ford Tough” Event and Ford Accessories and the 1966 Ford Bronco

The “Built Ford Tough” Event and Ford Accessories and the 1966 Ford Bronco

Given that we are in the months of the Built Ford Tough event, here at Colony, which offers $1,000 towards accessories on new 2013 trucks, it is best to talk about how this "accessorizing" all came about.

Accessorizing is different than options on a vehicle. Options are available through the manufacture upon assembling the car or truck, whereas accessories are products that can be applied to the truck once it has arrived at the dealership or later down the road.

Many years ago, accessories were considered options. Reason being, there weren't as many products available for styling/convenience as there are today. Times have changed drastically for vehicles and the products that are available for them.

Which brings us to the original Ford Bronco. It was introduced in 1966 as a mid-size off-road capable vehicle for the starting price of only $2,194... Now, check out this list of options (or accessories) for its time: CB radio, tow bar, auxiliary gas tank, snow plow, a winch, and finally, a posthole digger!

A Ford Bronco today would be a mixture between a Ford Escape and Ford Edge, but you definitely wouldn't see any of these new age models with a posthole digger attached to it. If anything, you would see options like the snow plow, winch and posthole digger on trucks like the F150 and Super Duty.

This is why our "Built Ford Tough" event is now very popular, the F-Series trucks are today's workman's vehicle, even more so than the original Bronco.

Since times have changed significantly in the past 50 years, the accessories available for trucks have grown substantially. Today's trucks already come standard with features that were once options, such as a tachometer, overdrive, or allow wheels. Now that the manufacture offers these features on the truck right out of the factory, it allows more styling and comfort products to be available for the additional need/want factor that the owner desires.

So check out the accessories that are available for whatever your Ford/Lincoln model is, and see how it could fit your lifestyle even better.

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