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The Benefits of Ecoboost

The Benefits of Ecoboost

Lets talk Ecoboost... Ford & Lincoln Ecoboost vehicles are all equipped with a turbocharger (boost), this allows for huge benefits right across the board. So what's so great about turbocharged cars and trucks? Well, probably one of the most beneficial gains would be fuel mileage...

When cruising around in a turbocharged vehicle, the turbo is not creating any "boost" because there is little to no load on the motor. Since there is no air being forced into the motor (boost), the computer sends a minimal amount of fuel to the motor which allows for good gas mileage (usually on motors no larger than a V6). However, when accelerating hard or towing, the turbocharger(s) start to boost and force feed air into the motor, at this point the computer knows to dump the necessary amount of fuel to create the power that the vehicle needs! These power numbers out of say an Ecoboost 3.5L V6 are comparable and if not greater than most 5.3L + V8! All with better fuel mileage than a V8.

The power gains have so much extra potential... Since the turbocharger(s) produce a certain amount of boost (say 15 psi maximum set by the manufacture), there are software programs out there that allow you to increase the turbo boost and produce additional power, while still being conservative on fuel when cruising. With the Ford F150 Ecoboost, there's software offered by the aftermarket companies that can boost horsepower an extra 50 and torque by over 100 lb-ft!!! That is huge gains for the money!

Only some companies have sold trucks with a turbocharger, but in limited production models. This all ended in the early 90s. Good job on Ford's part to mass produce this efficient technology to become the world's leading company of turbocharged medium pick-up trucks!

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