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Tech Tip - Tire Pressures and Nitrogen

Tech Tip - Tire Pressures and Nitrogen

Tire Pressures & Nitrogen: Oscar's Tech Tip of the Week @ Colony...

Nitrogen in tires allows for less pressure fluctuation than regular
air, since the nitrogen molecules are larger making it harder to escape
the tire's carcass/rubber. Although this is the case, tire pressures
(even with nitrogen) do drop when the temperature gets colder,
significantly when we hit Fall/Winter. We know that nitrogen
isn't found everywhere, but it is ENTIRELY SAFE TO MIX REGULAR AIR WITH
NITROGEN. Simply do this if your pressures are low, and the next time
you're in for service, let us know which tires you installed regular air
in and we'll replace it with nitrogen (if you originally purchased the
nitrogen option from us).

It is very important that your tires
are properly inflated, this will help maintain fuel economy, reduce
premature tire wear, and all around allow your vehicle to corner, brake
and accelerate properly.

- Oscar - Colony's technician

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