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Start The New Year With A Pre-Owned Ford Truck

Start The New Year With A Pre-Owned Ford Truck

weather outside is frightful, and as the holidays fade into memory many
Canadians are already looking forward to the end of winter. But while driving
down icy roads in the darkest days of the season isn’t most people’s idea of
fun, winter driving doesn’t have to be a headache.


the Colony
Ford dealership in Brampton we see a lot of business
at this time of year, as people take advantage of the turnover of old stock to
purchase a vehicle that’s up to the challenge of the season. We have many
pre-owned Fords for sale at prices that will
fit any budget, and we guarantee you won’t regret browsing the fine used
vehicles we currently have on offer. Our selection of cars and trucks is hand
picked for quality and reliability, and each of these vehicles has been given a
thorough inspection by Colony Ford staff, which means the only thing you need
worry about is which one is right for you.



of our most perennially popular vehicles, without a doubt, is the Ford F-150.
Perhaps it isn’t surprising that we have so many used Ford F-150 trucks for
sale, given that it continues to be the
most popular vehicle in Canada. Since it first started rolling off
production lines
in 1975, the F-150 has proven itself to be one of the
most versatile vehicles on the market. Whether you’re a contractor who needs to
get the job done or a weekend warrior who spends the week dreaming of your
hunting blind up in the country, the F-150 can take you where you need to


the new line of 2018 F-150s is impressive, there are lots of reasons to
consider buying a pre-owned model, not least of which being that the F-150
consistently ranks very highly among other used
trucks. When you consider that the value of new vehicles depreciates
significantly once they’ve been driven off the lot, and that insurance on a
used car is generally cheaper, the case for picking up a used Ford F-150
becomes even more attractive.


search for the perfect used Ford truck isn’t the only reason you should
consider coming down to the Brampton dealership, though: if you want to
get genuine Ford parts in Brampton Colony Ford is the
best place to start looking. When repairing your truck, you want to make sure
you get the best possible parts, and here at your local dealership our
experienced auto parts staff can help you find the best part for the job.


you already have a Ford vehicle at home that is in need of repair, or even just
a tune up. If that is the case, our state-of-the-art auto service centre has
the very latest tools and technologies, and
our highly trained auto technicians would be
happy to properly identify and repair your vehicle, no matter what the problem.
While experts say you should get your car checked out every 16,000 to 20,000
km, you should also bring it in if you’re
having issues with a misfiring engine or an illuminated engine
check light.


Ford has been doing business in this community for more than 45 years, and in
that time, we’re happy to have earned Bramptonians’ trust. We’d be happy to
give you a tour of our dealership and show you why.  

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