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Protecting Your Vehicle from Corrosion & Paint Damage

Protecting Your Vehicle from Corrosion & Paint Damage

When it comes to owning a vehicle, there is always more than just the
simple maintenance involved in keeping it long lasting... Most of the
maintenance involved when bringing your car in for service is to prolong
the running gear, i.e, engine, transmission, brakes, driveline. When
you purchase a newer car or truck, it is very important to have it
undercoated (if it hasn't been already) since the vehicle will be driven
through Canadian winters. Without the rubbery protection under the car,
road debris and stone chips will expose bare metal which will lead to
rust once exposed to the salt and slush during winter. This starts
corroding at the frame, floors and body and will decrease the value,
appeal and life of the vehicle drastically within 10 years.

the vehicle oil sprayed is also very important, this process eliminates
moisture from corroding areas that you can't see: inside of fender
wells, inside of rocker panels, between body welds, etc. It is best to
have your vehicle oil sprayed during the summer, this way the oil
becomes very runny and will protect every nook and cranny around your
car or truck. It does look messy initially, but after a car wash or two,
it will be hard to notice the oil protection.

Undercoating and
oil spraying protect the chassis of your vehicle for many years. Search
for success stories online about people who have owned cars for 20+
years and their cars still look like new! Engines, transmissions, wheel
bearings, etc, can all be replaced... When the frame/chassis of the car
starts to rust, it really becomes the cancer that slowly destroys it.
Even if you fix it (which is expensive and time consuming), there's a
good chance it will return.

What about the front end of your
vehicle and protecting it against stone chips and the corrosion that
follows? Twenty years ago it was common to see cars and trucks with a
"Mask" or "Bra" that was made out of black vinyl covering the nose of
the car. Sure they were effective for protecting from stone chips, but
they took away from the styling of the vehicle. What's even worse, the
rest of the car's body would fade over time while under the cover it
would still look fresh. This would give the car an awkward tan-line, so
to speak.

There is now a solution! It's known as clear
protection film. This can be applied to anywhere on the vehicle, it's
transparent, resists to stone chips and can be removed after years if
need be. Best of all, since it's clear, the paint around the entire
vehicle will fade in uniform.

We offer this product, known as Durashield, in our Collision/Refinish Centre.

a look at this example that we applied, this Ford GT has it applied to
the entire front end. It's impossible to see from a distance!

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