Preventative Maintenance... How far will it take you?


Preventative Maintenance... How far will it take you?

We all know how important preventative maintenance is, you hear it in advertisements and also when you bring your car or truck in for servicing. Once a vehicle typically reaches about 300,000 kms, that's about the time when the owner is about ready to sell it or send it to the wrecking yard. It's common for the more simplistic 4 cylinder motors to continue running up until the 400,000 km mark, as along as the rest of the body is still holding up at that time.

So how far can preventative maintenance take you? How about over half a million kilometers? Here is a mind blowing example...

One of our employees needed a parts car for a project and picked this 1987 Mustang LX 5.0 V8 for a few hundred dollars off it's original owner, George, . George bought this car 25 years ago brand new for just over $13,000 and was religious about maintenance. He made sure that all the fluids were changed as per scheduled by Ford, and his attention to this really paid off. This car has just over half a million kilometers (529,000kms) on the ORIGINAL motor and transmission! both of which were never opened up. You turn the key and without hesitation the car fires up immediately and idles like it should, the transmission shifts smoothly with no grinds. This car was driven through the winters, the only downfall was that the body was starting to deteriorate, but considering this car dealt with the elements of winter for that long, it's surprising that it still runs and drives.

It's one thing to see a 4 cylinder motor achieve 400,000kms on all original internals, but to see a high output V8 achieve over 500,000kms is really something! Kudos to George on the maintenance of this Mustang. It's proof that if you want your car to last, following the maintenance schedule will really get you somewhere.

By the way, a total round trip of the Earth is 40,074 kms... This means that George's Mustang could have done more than 13 trips around the equator!