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At Our Dealership, Your Safety Is a Priority At Colony Ford, we’ve been in the car business for over five decades. One of the secrets to our success is our passion for excellent customer service. As a family-owned and operated business, we offer a stress-free and no-pressure environment to our valuable customers....Read More

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4 Compelling Reasons to Visit Colony Ford If you’re interested in starting a relationship with a car dealership, then we’re one of your best options in Brampton and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Here are a few excellent reasons to come to Colony Ford: 1. We’re Experienced With over 50 years of experience under our....Read More


The Legendary Ford Mustang Has Never Been Faster or Smarter Some drivers are just looking to get from point A to B. Others love feeling the relationship between their vehicle and the road and take satisfaction from leaning into each turn. The Ford Mustang has always represented real power and muscle, but today’s models only....Read More


 There are many good reasons to get a pickup truck. Some people need them for work, as a pickup truck is essential for countless jobs. Others like to know they can transport lots of large cargo along any road, even in bad conditions. The Ford Certified Pre-Owned Program makes it possible to find used quality trucks at....Read More


Many people fantasize about driving a fast car with the top down. Convertibles often symbolize freedom in Hollywood movies, and it is indeed a liberating feeling to zoom with the wind blowing through your hair. The new Ford Mustang is impressive for a few reasons. The Ford Mustang comes in an EcoBoost Fastback model, but....Read More

2021 Ford Bronco

Are you going on some big adventures in remote sections of the wild? The new 2021 Ford Bronco Sport is designed to get you there and back safely, no matter what terrain is in the way! At Colony Ford Lincoln in Brampton we’re excited to have such an exciting vehicle come right off the factory floor! Let’s....Read More

Ford Escape

Some vehicles get you from point A to B, and others say something along the way. Premium vehicles like the Ford Escape and the Ford Mustang have a personality all their own. When your vehicle’s nature aligns so well with yours, you’ll love driving every day. Visit the Ford junkies at Colony Ford to see all the....Read More


People who have been isolating at home need to get around their city in a way that is safe and convenient, so owning a reliable vehicle has become even more important than normal. Many feel more comfortable riding in their private vehicle, with hand sanitizer and a mask near at hand. Finding a dependable vehicle....Read More


These days, people want a vehicle that can do it all. A practical vehicle can navigate rocky roads while also sleekly and stylishly sliding through downtown environments. Drivers expect modern technology to make their ride safe and entertaining and they also want a vehicle that’s environmentally friendly and powerful....Read More

Ford F-150

Some jobs simply cannot be done without the help of rugged vehicle to transport people, or heavy or unwieldy equipment. It’s important to get a vehicle that is well suited to your purposes, not simply the most powerful truck on the lot. However, there are so many different versions of the F-150 that there’s surely....Read More