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Ontario F150 Owner Reaches One Million Kilometres

Ontario F150 Owner Reaches One Million Kilometres

Here's an interesting story that was posted in today's Toronto Sun, proving that your vehicle is capable of surpassing it's odometers maximum by following your scheduled maintenance...

NIAGARA FALLS, Ont. -- Walter Zawada bought his Ford F-150 with 97,000 kilometres on it.

On Wednesday, the odometer flipped over to 0.

After 12 years, and many road trips to Alberta and northern Ontario,
the Niagara Falls resident hit the one-million kilometre milestone.

“We drove a little slower to see how it would kick in,” said Zawada, 68.

“I never thought I could keep a vehicle that long -- but it’s as good a ride as a car, if not better.”

Zawada bought the truck for $19,900 in 1999.

“We’ve got our money’s worth,” said Zawada, adding the truck still has its original engine and transmission.

The vehicle is in good shape minus a few rust spots. His secret to
making the truck last so long was taking it in for regular maintenance.

Zawada said he’s changed the oil every 5,000 kilometres since owning it, sometimes logging that distance in just one drive.

His daughter, Carol Morley, said the truck is more than just a vehicle to her.

“Every time I see it I get so emotional because it reminds me about
how caring my dad is and how willing he is to do anything for my sister
and I,” she said.

Zawada has driven to Alberta six times to visit his other daughter.

Since Zawada’s owned it, the truck has had 180 oil changes, six sets of tires and four brake jobs.

And Zawada said he has no plans to get rid of the truck just yet.

“I think I can ride it out for a few more years,” he said.

Walter Zawada

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