The All-New, All-Electric 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Truck

The All-New, All-Electric 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Truck - Colony Ford

The Ford F-150 is North America's best-selling vehicle of any kind and of all time. And while the gas-based models of these trucks provide ample power for everyday use, there's no doubt that the time of gasoline is fast coming to an end.

The great news for F-150 devotees is that Ford has released a brand-new, all-electric version of this venerable workhorse truck - and it takes its power and capabilities to new heights. Here's what you can expect from the exciting new Ford F-150 Lightning pickup.

Exterior and Interior Design

From the outside, the F-150 Lightning presents a very familiar figure, with the bodywork almost unchanged from the regular F-150 lineup. However, the 100% electric powertrain has no need for a front grille to cool an engine, and so the Lightning features a semi-solid, badged plate instead.

The visual effect is to emphasize the F-150's chunky, imposing front end, adding an even greater sense of reassuring power. And in place of the engine itself, the hood opens from the bumper level to reveal a huge cargo space that's ideal for secure storage of tools.

The Lightning's interior will also be familiar to anyone who's driven a recent gasoline F-150, with the standard SuperCrew Cab offering a great blend of space and comfort. And while the five-seater cab with a 167cm bed is the only configuration available at launch, it's expected that more cab and bed options will follow.

Exterior and Interior Design Ford 150 - Colony Ford

Huge All-Electric Performance

Of course, it's the 100% electric powertrain that's the star of the Lightning show. There are two battery options available: a 98.0-kWh model with a maximum driving range of 368km, and a larger 131-kWh unit that's good for up to 512km. The Lightning supports both 110V and 220V home charging types, along with DC Fast Charge capability that can deliver a 15% to 80% charge in just 44 minutes.

Both battery designs are paired with dual electric motors to give all-wheel drive, but supply different amounts of power. The smaller battery creates a combined output of 426 horsepower, while the larger one pushes the ponies up to 563hp. All Lightning models are rated with a peak torque of 775lb-ft, an impressive figure by any pickup standard.

Ford -150 , All Electric Performance - Colony Ford

Towing and Payload Capacity

As you'd expect from such a high torque rating, the Lightning delivers some seriously impressive capability figures. The truck can carry up to 909kg of payload in its pickup bed, with the weight automatically measured using onboard scales, while the maximum trailer weight reaches 4,545kg with the larger battery.

The Lightning's towing capability is enhanced even further by the addition of Ford's Pro Trailer Hitch Assist system, which automatically controls the truck's steering, throttle, and braking to line up the hitch ball and trailer coupler. With the Lightning, attaching a load is as simple as pressing a button and engaging the gear shifter.

Ford f- 150 Towing Capacity - Colony Ford

Ford Intelligent Backup Power

The Lightning's EV powertrain can also double up as a backup generator for home use, keeping your appliances working if the grid goes down. Ford estimates that the F-150 Lightning can power a typical home's electricity needs for up to three days, or even longer using intelligent rationing.

High-End Infotainment and Safety Technology

As standard, the Lightning is fitted with a generous 12" infotainment touchscreen running Ford's advanced Sync 4 software. However, higher trims offer the chance of an even larger 15.5" touchscreen supplied with enhanced Sync 4A software. But whatever the trim, features including Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, in-dash navigation, and a Wi-Fi hotspot facility are all standard.

The level of safety tech is similarly advanced, with standard features including automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection, lane departure warnings, and lane keep assist. The optional adaptive cruise control includes a semi-autonomous driving option to ease fatigue on long highway journeys.

F-150 Lighting Trim Levels in Canada

At launch, the 2022 F-150 Lightning is available in three trim levels, all optionally with an extended range battery for higher, longer-lasting power. The range starts with the XLT, equipped with the base options of 12" infotainment, cloth seats, and 9.6kW of onboard Pro Power. The mid-range Lariat upgrades the infotainment and adds leather seating, while the top-end Platinum trim includes all the optional extras and upgrades.

Comparison: F-150 vs F-150 Lighting

So do the extra features of the Lightning make it a better buy than the regular F-150? Use this brief comparison to see which model comes out on top for your needs.

  F-150 Lightning F-150
Horsepower 426-563hp 290-450hp
Torque 775lb-ft 265-570lb-ft
Maximum Payload 909kg 1,477kg
Maximum Towing 4,545kg 6,350kg
Infotainment Screen Up to 15.5” Up to 12”



 Comparison: F-150 vs F-150 Lighting - Colony Ford

Experience the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning in Brampton

Ready for more? Join the EV pickup revolution with a test drive of the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning from our Brampton dealership. If you need a workhorse truck with zero emissions but huge power, the Ford Lightning EV is your new go-to model.

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