Need Work Vehicles? Look No Further!

Some jobs simply require the use of vehicles. Contractors need trucks to haul materials or their equipment, but other industries need work vehicles too.

There are travel companies which need transport vans to ferry large amounts of people, businesses which need to make pick-ups and drop-offs at the airport, trucks for snow ploughing, and lots of other situations.

Read on to learn why you should come to Brampton’s trusted Ford dealership when you or your company need vehicles that can get the job done.

In-House Leasing Available on All Trucks

Finding efficiencies in business is all about getting more for less, so you’ll love our Ford fleet solutions that make it more affordable to obtain a truck or whatever vehicle your company needs. Whether you need trucks customized for a particular type of construction or something else, we have a huge selection right here on the lot, and we have special leasing rates available on the premises.

Check out all the Ford trucks we have available, including the Ford F-150, F-250, F-350, F-550, and the Ford Cutaway. Drop by or call today at 1-855-938-0948 for a free consultation, with no obligations.

We provide personal and also business vehicle leasing options above and beyond what the manufacturer offers by going through our Halton Peel York Leasing Division. You can get a short- or long-term lease, with programs ranging from 24, 36, 48 and 60 months.

Our leasing programs are flexible — it’s easy to benefit from our lease-to-own program, our quick and easy upgrade program, and our great lease buyout program.

Huge Range of Transport Vans

Transport vans offer a comfortable and safe way to transport many people at once, and they can also be reconfigured to store tools or other cargo. Our selection of transport vans right on the lot is massive: Ford Transit 150, Ford Transit 250, Ford Transit 350, and Transit Connect.

People have been coming to Colony Ford for new vehicles for sale in Brampton for decades, as well as a big selection of used vehicles from recent years. Whether you need special financing rates on a new vehicle or a great piece on a transport van, we’re you’re dealership.

Genuine Ford Parts

Should you need a work vehicle repaired or serviced, if you buy from our dealership you’ll already have an established relationship with the Colony Ford Brampton collision centre. Our mechanics are already familiar with the vehicle, and we have all original and brand new Ford parts on hand.

Getting into a fender bender is always stressful, and there are extra sensitivities at play when the vehicle involved in a collision is a work vehicle. Our trained and certified Ford technicians will restore your vehicle back to its pre-collision state quickly and without stress, so you and your entire team can get right back to work.

For vehicles like the F-Series that need to be customized, our Roush performance modifications will deliver all your needs, and even exceed your expectations.

Different jobs require different kinds of vehicles, and whatever type you need, Colony Ford Brampton has got your back. From trucks to haul oversized items or tow the heaviest loads, or transport vans to shuttle people between locations in comfort, come to us if your job can’t get done without the right vehicle. Especially if you need it customized, serviced, or you want a great price on it!