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Make Your Ford Your Own With Our Customization Packages

Make Your Ford Your Own With Our Customization Packages

Besides being Brampton’s number one source
for Ford Mustangs, F-150s, and an extensive inventory of new and used Ford
models in the Greater Toronto Area, Colony Ford Lincoln also has the solution
to your customization dreams. Ever since Ford introduced its customization app,
imagining your custom Mustang or F-150 has never been easier. But once you’ve
got it all planned out, you still have to make it a reality, and that’s where
your local Ford customization centre comes in.

We love a new project, and we’ve done
countless customizations for both performance and style. We take pride in
selling a timeless muscle car and love to hear the purr of a Coyote V8 engine
with a custom intake and exhaust. There’s nothing like it, which is why we
regularly participate in local charity events with our Mustang GTs. Here’s what
we can offer to a driver looking to customize their vehicle.

– We are a licensed dealer of Roush
components, meaning we have authorization to install high-end components from
this world-famous manufacturer of racing applications and mods for Ford
Mustang, Focus, and F-150. With so many after-market parts companies and mods
out there to choose from, you have to be careful with what you decide to use,
as many will invalidate your warranty with Ford. Roush components are backed by
Ford, and when they’re installed by licensed dealers like us, your warranty is
intact and you’re offered the same factory warranty on the part. Check out our
extensive inventory of components like the Roush exhaust, Roush intake, Roush
hood scoop, and Roush rear spoilers, among many more


Ford Lincoln Custom Packages
– If you’ve pieced
together your dream Mustang and you know exactly what you’re looking for, we’re
happy to work with you every step of the way to deliver the vehicle you have in
mind. However, if you’d rather pick a quick-and-easy, amazing-looking
customization, we offer a number of custom packages for Ford Mustang and Ford
F-150. For example, for $1799 you can pick up our classic Mustang package,
which includes a hood scoop, side scoops, an ¼ window louvres. You can also
pick from one of our stripes packages to give your ride that race track look,
with side stripes, a full over, or both. Our F-150 packages include Roush
intakes and exhausts, stripe kits, rims, lifts, and performance tires. For a custom package,
just give us a call at Colony Ford Lincoln in Brampton and we can put together
a quick quote for you right away.

Performance – If you’re all about the quality of the drive itself, we offer
plenty of performance mods like rims, tires, tuning, intakes, and exhausts. By
reducing the weight of your rims and tires you can increase your acceleration
while an upgraded intake can also give you the jump you’re craving. Stock
intakes are made with fuel economy in mind, but for those who love the feel of
power in their ride, the drive of your lifetime awaits to Colony Ford Lincoln.

Give us a call for a custom quote with your
customization ideas or drop by and let us know how we can give you a hand. We
live for custom Mustangs in Brampton, as well Ford F-150s and other models, so
drop by our showroom anytime.

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