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Maintenance Tips For Your Used Ford

Maintenance Tips For Your Used Ford

Buying used is a cost-effective way to get on the road in a practical vehicle that will get you where you need to go. It’s the option for the smart consumer, no matter what class of vehicle you’re shopping for, from compact sedans to full-sized pick-up trucks to luxury SUVs. That’s because when you buy a vehicle new, you lose an incredible amount of its value in the first two years of ownership, starting with the minute you drive off the lot. In fact, experts estimate that your vehicle depreciates by 11% the minute you drive off the lot with the papers signed, meaning you can shave $3,300 off the resale value of a $30,000 car. A car buyer with a head on their shoulders would realize they can either save a lot of money or buy a more expensive model if they go buy one that’s several years old.

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The downside to a used vehicle is that you are likely going to have to put more effort into maintaining it. You can save yourself a lot of money and inconvenience if you take proper care of your used Ford in Brampton, which is the Colony Ford Brampton team at your local Ford dealership has put together this guide to used car maintenance.

#1 Read the Owner’s Manual

It may seem like a time-consuming chore, but in that owner’s manual you will find information like your car’s regular maintenance schedule, such as when you should change your oil, filters, and drive belts, as well as what type of gas and oil you should be using to begin with. Sometimes, failing to follow the owner’s manual can even make your warranty void, leaving you on the hook.

#2 Check Your Tire Pressure

Under-inflated tires can be a real safety risk to you and your family, which is why it’s important that you regularly check the pressure in your tires or have the mechanic at Colony Ford Brampton check when you bring you car in. Under-inflated tires wear out faster, are more likely to blow out, and lead to overall reduced control. Better yet, if your tires are full, you will see better gas mileage.

#3 Winterize Your Vehicle

Winterizing doesn’t just mean slapping on winter tires, it means using the right antifreeze to keep your radiator from freezing up, switching to a thinner oil, and using freeze-resistant wiper fluid. The cold weather also has an impact on your battery – you’ve probably noticed that your phone seems slower in subzero temperatures, and the same applies to a car battery. If you’re not sure what to do, bring it in – we know how to take care of used Ford cars.

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#4 Replace Your Car Battery

Batteries just don’t have the same kind of lifespan that they used to and it’s a good idea to consistently check your battery’s performance when you get it in inspected. Don’t be afraid to replace it if it’s no longer reliable – you can save yourself from a crisis down the road.

Of course, there are dozens of things you should regularly check and replace, and if it seems overwhelming, you can always come see us at Colony Lincoln Ford. We offer great rates at our service and collision centre and we know our vehicles. Whether you need quality Ford parts, a battery replacement, or just an inspection, give us a call. It’s our goal to keep you on the road in all kinds of weather.

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