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Lincoln MKC Allows You to Follow Your Dreams

Lincoln MKC Allows You to Follow Your Dreams

Lincoln asks: What
drives you? And the answer is simple. It's inspiration; it's a thirst for
adventure; it's the overwhelming need to seek what lies beyond the confines of
a paper map. You are driven by success, by creativity, by the things in life
that you love and never want to put aside, even while in the car. You are
driven by many things, all different, yet all found in the 2015
Lincoln MKC

And in their latest series
of videos, Lincoln proves that their rides are something more, that their rides
can appeal to the artist, comedian, engineer and mathematician. They prove that
one MKC can have a podcaster, while the other a music duo.

Because when you drive a Lincoln
MKC, you aren't just driving any car, you are driving your dream car and the
dream car of your neighbors.  See for
yourself and discover your dreams at Colony Ford Lincoln. The Toronto
region can test drive a 2015
Lincoln MKC

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