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Keyless Entry and Push Button Start...

Keyless Entry and Push Button Start...

Funny/true story and a bit of education on Ford and Lincoln's Smart Key... This story was shared by one of our customers.

"A friend was thinking about buying a new Lincoln MKX, he really liked the l

of mine and asked if we could swap cars for the day, I said no problem
at all... So after a round of golf, I brought my MKX up to where his car
was parked and left it running. He looked it over and hopped in, I told
him see ya later and enjoy! We both went our separate ways. About 45
minutes later I got a call from him, he tells me that he's loving the
truck, but the keys... At that moment, I realized the key fob was still
in my pocket! He had a good laugh out of it, but said he can't get back
into it as he parked and locked it to go into Home Depot. So in the end,
I met up with him at Home Depot and got him on his way".

always had it that if the key fob is not in the car, it will shut off
once the vehicle reaches a distance of say 50 meters. Luckily that
wasn't the case here. In the Fords / Lincolns, if the key fob is not in
or near the car when running, it simply means that the vehicle will not
restart once it's turned off. It could be very dangerous and highly
inconvenient for a vehicle to shut off in the middle of the road if the
key fob was forgotten, after it reaches a certain distance. It is good
that Ford has designed their security settings like this, it's also nice
to hear that when lending your vehicle out, the smart key can be
programmed to restrict things like top speed and radio volume setting!

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