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Jemel's Tech Tip of the Week: Tires Have an Expiry Date!

Jemel's Tech Tip of the Week: Tires Have an Expiry Date!

Tires have an expiry date, no matter how good they might look.

Jemel has been working at Colony for a number of years as a technician, but has never seen a tire self-destruct like this. You can tell by this picture that it blew his mind!

Although the tread came apart on this tire, it was still holding air and the tread depth looked o.k. However, the D.O.T stamp on this tire that mentions the production date was from 1999. Tires do have a limited life span, regardless if they are driven on. This timeline is 5 years, and includes tires that might be sitting on a parts shelf waiting to be sold. See the example below Jemel's picture and you'll notice the last two digits are that of the year of manufacturing (not from the same tire Jemel is holding).

Needless to say the customer needed new tires on their vehicle, and we were happy to provide name-brand tires at a competitive price... With a current D.O.T date stamping.

We will NOT be undersold on tires! Visit our parts department with a current Ontario tire quote and we'll price to match!

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