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It's Spring! Yet We're Having a Snow Storm Today, Here are Some Driving Tips

It's Spring! Yet We're Having a Snow Storm Today, Here are Some Driving Tips

It's April, instead of the expected showers, today we are faced with ice pellets, freezing rain and snow. It's going to be another day of dealing with dreaded traffics on the GTA highways... Here's a few tips to keep you safe:

You already know how important tires are for these conditions, so we won't remind you again... Except for this!... Driving aids like anti-lock brakes and traction control are near useless in the snow/ice, if you don't have suitable tires. Also keep in mind that tire pressures drop in the cold! So make sure they're up to spec (we have seen tires popping off the bead due to snow ruts because of low tire pressures). Also running a skinnier tire in the winter helps cut through snow for traction.

Try to keep a decent amount of fuel in your tank, as slower/stop and go driving will make your commute longer and use more fuel than expected. What's worse than being stuck in traffic on a wintery day? Running out of fuel! (or changing a tire of course).

Keep washer fluid topped up, the nasty dried up salt and road water on the windshield isn't pleasant to look through. Having your wipers lifted off the windshield while parked in the cold will prevent the rubber blade from freezing to the windshield (and tearing).

Now for some driving tips...

Remember that a car can turn faster than it can stop... If you have to do an emergency stop and you don't have enough room, quickly check your blind spots and maneuver around the situation (if safe to do so). NEVER keep your eyes fixated on an area you're trying to avoid, keep them on where you want the vehicle to go, by doing this your hands will follow on the steering. A lot of accidents occur by the driver being "hypnotized" by panic and looking to where their car is headed, rather than maneuvering it to safety... If you're sliding towards a pole and eyes are fixated on that, you will undoubtedly hit that pole. However, instead of even thinking about the pole, if the vehicle starts to slide, keep your eyes fixated on a safe way out.

Using a balance of braking and acceleration is very important in slippery conditions, by doing this you are reducing the chances of losing traction. It's never a good idea to think that "powering" out of every situation will work. Balance is key in winter conditions, ask any professional Rally driver and he/she will tell you the same.

If you do unfortunately get stuck in deep snow (with a two-wheel-drive vehicle), rocking your vehicle back and forth to help build forward momentum works very well. Keeping straw carpets or kitty litter in your vehicle helps. Most important, when driving any vehicle in the snow is to KEEP MOMENTUM, especially when driving through deep snow or up hill.

Happy and Safe Driving!

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