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How We Get Your Family Road Trip-Ready, for Less Money

How We Get Your Family Road Trip-Ready, for Less Money

When you finally get outside the city and enjoy that first
taste of the open road, there’s just nothing like it! The sense of adventure is
real, and a thrill runs through you. Roads trips
are always exciting, and taking your family along for the ride is a great way
to spend some close-knit family time together and a cheaper alternative than
paying for flights.

Colony Ford Brampton has all the new and used cars in stock
for prices you won’t believe — just make the playlist and pack the snacks
yourself, and you’ll be ready for
your next family road trip
in no time. Continue reading to see how Colony
Ford Brampton gets your family road trip-ready for less.

Widest Selection

What’s your road trip mobile? We have a wide selection of new
and used vehicles that are perfect for long trips, from sedans like the Ford
Taurus, SUVs like the Ford EcoSport and Edge, and more.

You’ll have lots of variety to choose from, with many
offering exceptional gas
, and new infotainment centres that make it easy to sync your phone
with the vehicles to use for navigation and music — two things which are
essential for any road trip.


Whether you’re shopping for a new or a used car, it’s
important that the vehicles themselves are on hand at the dealership, so you
have a wide selection to peruse in person or take for a test drive. Reading
about the cars or hearing about them from a salesman only takes you so far —
there’s no substitute for getting behind the wheel yourself.

Used Cars and Trucks in Great Condition

Everybody knows that buying a vehicle used is the best way
to knock off a significant amount of money from the purchasing price. The
important thing is to know that the vehicle is in great condition, and that’s
why Colony Ford Brampton thoroughly inspects all our pre-owned cars on the lot
before showcasing them.

Our dealership has its own auto collision centre equipped
with all original and brand new Ford parts, serviced by highly experienced,
factory-trained technicians. We know all our vehicles inside and out, so you
can be assured that the used vehicles on our lot are all in excellent
condition. You can read this for more info on certified pre-owned cars, including what’s currently in
our stock.

Flexible Financing

We make it easy to buy a car, even for people who don’t have
good credit. We partner with Colony Credit Solutions to give everybody the
opportunity to afford a vehicle.

Colony Ford Brampton understands that people need a car,
whether it’s for picking up groceries or taking the family out on a gathering.
That’s why we’ll sit with you to find the financing path that suits you best.
Everybody has a different budget, but we know that there’s always a way to make
it work.

Wherever your travel destination, Colony Ford Brampton is
the place where your family road trip starts! Don’t hesitate to get in touch today so
you can begin your journey. Just remember to drive safely, make lots of fun
stops along the way, and always wear your seat belts.

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