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Give Your Ford a Proper Tune Up This Spring

Give Your Ford a Proper Tune Up This Spring

As every experienced Canadian driver knows, winter can be awfully
hard on even the most well made cars and SUVs. Between corrosion
damage from road salt and sand
to the negative effect of rapid temperature changes on your breaks and
transmission, your vehicle ages faster during winter than at any other time of
the year.


For this reason, one of the best things you can do if you want to
keep your Ford in good working condition for years to come is visit an auto
repair shop that can give your car a proper tune up this spring.


If you want to get the best possible results, make sure to bring
your car or SUV to mechanics who specialize in Ford vehicles. At Colony Ford,
we are not just
your local Brampton Ford dealer — we also have one of the best auto shops in the area, and
our car experts can give you bespoke service designed to help you keep your
Ford in the best possible condition.


After the long and gruelling winter
that has just passed, it may be tempting to simply enjoy the clear roads and
mild weather of spring and leave the tune up for sometime down the road; this
would, however, be a mistake for several reasons.


Salt and grit from winter roads can
continue to cause serious damage long after winter has ended, and if you don’t
have your vehicle thoroughly cleaned and inspected, rust
can quickly eat away at
the parts of your vehicle that have seen the most exposure to salty slush over
the course of your winter driving.




At Colony Ford, we can give your
vehicle a detailed inspection that will help us determine whether or not you
need to replace any parts. If replacements are necessary, we can help you find
best Ford OEM parts to
ensure that your Ford continues to operate at peak efficiency and to protect
your warranty.


Of course, in some cases you may find over the course of your
tune-up that your vehicle simply isn’t reliably road worthy any more, in which
case we would be happy to help you
check out the latest Fords today by giving you’re a tour of our showroom. As many auto
experts have noted, 2019 has been a good year for Ford, with exciting new
models like the EcoSport hitting their stride, and with legendary Ford vehicles
like the F-150 and the Mustang still going strong.


Best of all, at Colony Ford we offer a
range of
specials on our services
so whether you just want to have our expert mechanics look at your car, or are
considering a purchase of a new vehicle and want advice and help with financing,
the staff at Colony Ford would be more than happy to put their nearly fifty
years of experience to work in helping you find the exact automotive solution
you need.


This spring, start Canada’s favourite
season off right. Stop by Colony Ford to get an automotive tune up that will
guarantee that your vehicle is prepared for
all the fun that
a Canadian spring has in store. 

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