Ford Takes Safety Seriously, Just Look at Their Innovation

Technology creates absolute marvels. When cars were first invented, they were rightly considered a marvel of technology. Now, the level of innovation taking place inside vehicles is truly staggering, from infotainment systems to smart safety features.

Let’s take a few moments to appreciate some of the most advanced safety technology found in today’s Ford vehicles.


Ford’s Blind Spot Information System with Cross-Traffic Alert lets drivers have an extra set of eyes behind their head. Now, drivers receive a warning if they’re about to change lanes and another vehicle is in their blind spot or behind them when backing out from a parking spot.

Whether you’re changing lanes on the highway or backing out of a parking spot, you’ll always be more aware of your surroundings when you’re in a modern Ford. BLIS comes standard with Ford’s Safe & Smart package.

Evasive Steering Assist

Should there be a sudden need to maneuver quickly around an object or vehicle, many new Ford cars have Evasive Steering Assist, so that you can make quick evasive turns more easily.

If there’s a slow or stopped vehicle, the feature won’t steer for you, but it will give you much needed support. Visit our reputable Ford dealership to see how this and other safety technology works from behind the wheel.

Evasive Steering Assist is available in Ford’s Co-Pilot360 Assist Plus package.

Forward Collision Warning with Brake Support

Drivers receive a warning if there’s a risk of hitting a pedestrian or another vehicle in front of them, and Brake Support increases the vehicle’s ability to come to a safe and complete stop. With Post-Collision Braking, the vehicle’s brakes will be applied automatically in the event of a crash to slow its momentum and reduce the severity of impact

Lane Keeping Assist

Sometimes when you’re tired or lane markings are unclear, it can be easy to accidentally drift out of your lane and dangerously close to neighbouring vehicles. The Lane Keeping Assist feature warns drivers if they begin to veer out of their lane.

Such features make highway driving safer and less stressful.

Front Rain-Sensing Wipers

Reduced visibility is a hazard and a nuisance. Now, you won’t even have to activate the windshield wipers when the drizzle or snow begins. They’ll start wiping on their own, keeping the glass clear and your field of vision undisturbed.

Front Rain-Sensing Wipers comes standard in Ford’s Safe & Smart package. Cars from recent years have great technology, so you can find smart safety features when buying reliable used vehicles at our dealership.

Co-Pilot 360 Assist Plus

Ford’s most advanced suite of safety features includes everything in the Co-Pilot360 bundle and more:

  • Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop-and-Go
  • Evasive Steering Assist
  • Lane Centring
  • Voice-Activated Navigation System

Other automakers have safety features, but Ford vehicles are advanced and many come standard in any car.

You take your safety seriously, and so does Ford. Please contact us to arrange an appointment for a showing so you can test drive a Ford and see how safety works with your own eyes.