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Ford Introduces Highly-Efficient Police Service Vehicle

Ford Introduces Highly-Efficient Police Service Vehicle

Here at Colony Ford Lincoln, we
think that it is safe to say that the Ford Crown Victoria is one of the most
iconic police squad cars out there. Powerful, roomy and versatile, the Crown
Vic continues to be a top choice for many law enforcement agencies around the
country. Today we are coming to you with some news on a lesser-known Ford model
used by the boys in blue that recently claimed the title of the most efficient police
cruiser out there.

The Ford Police Interceptor
is a special non-civilian model that our favorite automaker
builds specifically for use by law enforcement. This vehicle is built on the
same platform as the Ford Taurus, and has always been considered a
"pursuit" car.

In the past, the Police Interceptor Sedan was only
offered with the choice of one of two V6 engines. Now, after some serious
tweaking, the guys at Ford have downsized the engine, added some efficient
features and created the new Special Service Police Sedan.
This new model is built with Ford's 2.0-liter EcoBoost 4-cylinder engine and
has therefore been dubbed the most fuel-efficient police sedan on the

Jonathan Honeycutt, police marketing manager at
Ford, spoke about this newly created model, saying, "Agencies looking to
reduce their fuel expenditures, especially for non-pursuit vehicles in small
rural agencies, universities and for detective work will want to take a look.
We've had great feedback on the vehicle and had a lot of agencies asking about

It is pretty clear that model like this will never
make its way to our new
inventory here at Colony Ford Lincoln, but we are
always interested in hearing how Ford is working to better our communities. You
can check out all the latest Ford models built for civilians like us by making
a visit to our showroom located at 300 Queen St E Brampton,


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