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Ford Fiesta Shopping Mall Chase

Ford Fiesta Shopping Mall Chase

This one is an oldie but a goodie. About 5 years ago, Top Gear did a thorough review of the Ford Fiesta. Really, really thorough.

A good car review is never complete without storming a beach with the Royal Marines, and a car chase through a mall, right?

We think this video sums up perfectly the joy of owning a Fiesta. This little car isn't limited by its size, or fuel economy. In fact, it's surprising what the Fiesta can do.

It's alarmingly sure-footed, for one thing. The way it holds traction on the sandy beach and slippery marble floors of the mall is impeccable. Fiestas hold their own in snow quite well, too.

So, here's a lesson for you. Sometimes less is more. The Fiesta is affordable, easy on gas, and it can storm a beach if you need to. What else could you ask of a little hatchback?

Come down to Colony Ford in Brampton, ON to find your feisty little do-anything hatchback!

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