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Ford F-150s Galore, Rugged and Smart Features You’ll Love

Ford F-150s Galore, Rugged and Smart Features You’ll Love

It’s hard to find a truck more iconic than the Ford F-150, and the reason why it’s been beloved for so long couldn’t be simpler: the Ford F-150 is tough enough to complete any job, and then some. An old Ford F-150 pickup truck is a beloved classic, while newer versions add brains to this brawn to create a truck that truly does it all.


Come to Colony Ford for all your pickup truck needs, because these trucks are filled with features you’ll love, and our parking lot is filled with models you need. Read on to learn a little more about what makes the F-150 a special truck, whether you buy the latest model or a used one.


Used Ford F-150 Pickup Trucks

It might be surprising to hear, but actually there’s no single thing called the “Ford F-150” — there are many variations of truck since the F-150 comes in seven different models — XL, XLT, Lariat, Raptor, King Ranch, Platinum and Limited — and each one can be customized further.


When buying a pickup truck, the essential thing is to ensure it has all the features you need, and nothing unnecessary. Are you buying the truck to haul heavy materials around job sites, or to transport oversized but not especially heavy objects? Only pay for a truck with more torque if you need it. When buying used Ford vehicles or even new ones, avoiding unnecessary features is a good way to get a truck that meets all your needs at a more affordable price.


Identify which Ford F-150 meets your requirements, and come to our lot to find it! Our selection is truly vast, and we’ll never pressure you at any stage during the truck buying process.


New Ford F-150s

Shopping for new Ford vehicles is sure to please because the latest Ford F-150s have all the core strength that made the model so famous, but with a modern touch today’s driver will appreciate. Advertising for pickup trucks tends to emphasize the vehicle’s ruggedness for good reason, but new models also have features to keep you safe, comfortable, and entertained.


Ford Co-Pilot360 is a system of advanced features to help you navigate the road with more confidence and security. The BLIS system helps you change lanes when blind spots while towing would otherwise make doing so difficult. Auto high beam headlamps turn brighter when it’s extra dark, and off again when they’re not needed. Other important features like Pre-Collision Assist with Emergency Braking help keep you, your passengers, and everybody on the road safer.


Ford F-150s can now be compatible with Amazon Alexa, so you get access to things like Voice Navigation and Traffic Information. They’re also compatible with the much loved third-party app Waze, which saves you time in traffic by showing you amazing routes you’d never otherwise use, even in neighbourhood’s you think you know inside out.


With an interior redesigned for comfort, USB ports to keep your batteries charged and tech to keep you in sync with all your devices on the go, the latest Ford 150s combine smarts with their legendary raw power.


Colony Ford Brampton has whatever F-150 you need, at a price you’re sure to love. We’re happy to work with you to find a financing path that works best for you, no matter what kind of credit you have. We’ve served Brampton and the GTA for decades, connecting truck owners with the vehicles they’ve always needed. Whether you need an old classic or a new F-150 with the modern touches, come on down to our lot and find the truck you need today.

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