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Ford building suspense with the Ford Fiesta ST

Ford building suspense with the Ford Fiesta ST

We here at Colony were very excited when the Focus ST arrived to our lot. It's beautiful interior and aggressive exterior matched perfectly with the punch it was packing under the hood. It's certainly fast, one of the fastest production front-wheel-drive cars available in Canada. There are plenty of interesting commercials out for this Focus, many of which pro drivers are behind the wheel and showing what this Focus is capable of.

If this hot-hatch hasn't stirred up enough hype already, there's now talk of an even smaller pocket-rocket. That is, the Fiesta ST. Like the Focus ST, it will be equipped with a 4 cylinder turbo motor under the hood (1.6 liter), producing at least 178hp  but could be as high up as 197hp... Nothing has been set in stone yet. This Fiesta will match very close with the ST, similar interior with it's high-bolstered Recaro seats and leather wrapped steering wheel. Even if this Fiesta comes with the lower horsepower numbers of 178, considering the weight of this car, it will be a real rocket for the street or track. We can guarantee that this Fiesta will create just as much hype as the 100hp Suzuki Swift GTI did back in the late 1980s. Times have changed and the ST power numbers are a breakthrough for a production vehicle sold to the public.

Look for more info to come on this Fiesta ST!

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