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Ford Breaks the Mold of Stock Car Design

Ford Breaks the Mold of Stock Car Design

 Many years ago, "Stock Cars" were race cars that were based on the same version you could buy in the showroom, except they were hopped up with performance upgrades and mandatory safety equipment to go racing. Each brand was very distinguishable based on their styling and this created the fan-base that has made NASCAR so popular as to what it is today. Racing truly influenced car sales, it allowed for brand recognition and such slogans like "Win on Sunday, Sell on Monday" and also "First On Race Day" (FORD).

With that said, some brands had the advantage over others when it came to aerodynamics, handling and power. To make the racing more exciting for spectators and to keep the racing close and fair between all the cars entered, the rules had to be changed. One of these changes included a specific body line that all brands had to follow. This made these "Stock Cars", not so stock at all. Instead, it made all of the cars look the same other than decals to resemble headlights and grills.

With some recent rule changes to make the cars look more like the road-going versions of that model, Ford has done a great job of breaking the traditional NASCAR mold. The new Fusion version for NASCAR is an aggressive design that aesthetically simulates the same factory version found at the dealerships. The key factors that make the 2013 Fusion stylish can all be found on the NASCAR version, this includes the front grill, headlight and taillight layout and front hood shape.

Look for this Fusion in the upcoming season of NASCAR!

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