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Follow These Winter Preparation Tips For Your Ford Car

Follow These Winter Preparation Tips For Your Ford Car

The Christmas tree sellers are popping up in parking lots, homes are strung with lights and decorations, and the stores started playing the music way too early. The holiday season is here and that means snow and cold weather are fast approaching. Is your Ford car or truck ready for another classic Canadian winter? The Farmer’s Almanac is predicting more snow than usual in Southern Ontario, but you don’t need a weather report to tell you that there’s going to be snow, slush, ice, and cold that your vehicle will have to struggle through to get you to work.

 If you’re driving a Ford car or truck, you can get ready for winter here at Colony Ford Brampton, with a service centre that puts customers first. Here’s a quick checklist of some of the essentials you should think about winterizing.


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 Battery – The first and best place to start with your winter preparations is the battery. Extreme cold quickly causes problems with your battery, because the chemical reactions that create energy slow down at lower temperatures, and you need more current to start the engine. That’s why so many cars won’t start on those bitter cold winter mornings. With the cold on its way, now is a great time to get a battery load test done at Colony Ford Brampton, and check for corrosion on the connections.

 Oil Viscosity — Cold weather does a real number on the inner workings of cars and trucks, and oil is no exception. Oil viscosity changes depending on the temperature, thickening in the cold and thinning in the heat. To adjust, you should replace your oil with something thinner, so that it still lubricates your engine when the cold thickens it. To find the right oil, check the owner’s manual.

 Belts and Hoses – Belts and hoses can weaken in the cold weather, so be sure to check them for pre-existing wear and tear. In the cold weather, any damage could cause them to snap – and that will mean a tow.

 Winter Tires – Canadians know their winter tires, and they know they need them. Regular tires lose their flexibility in the cold weather, and winter tires have tread patterns that are better designed to grip on snow and ice. When you’re driving in a snow storm, you will appreciate all the traction you can get.

 At Colony Ford Brampton we also sell the latest Ford Mustangs, and we can also help you prepare your muscle car for the inclement weather. The tips above go for pretty much any make and model, but with a Mustang, you’ve got rear wheel drive, which makes for poor traction when road conditions are bad. One trick you can use is putting a 100 lb. sand bag in your trunk to improve grip, but mostly, you should go easy on the accelerator.

 Just before winter is also a great time to get a deal on a used car or truck, and you can check out these used Ford cars to see what’s available. Once you’ve found the right fit, get it winter ready with our help.

Get winter ready at our service centre and we make sure you won’t run into any unnecessary complications with the bad weather. Be safe on the roads and never worry about a car that won’t start in the morning by preparing with the pros.

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