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Flex Fuel??

Flex Fuel??

might have seen the Flex Fuel badge on many new Ford and Lincoln
vehicles, but what does it mean? Here it is in a nutshell...

Ford's Flex Fuel vehicles have engines that are designed to run on two
different types of fuel, that is, Gasoline and Ethanol. More
specifically, it is designed to operate on a now popular and mainly
renewable resource E85 fuel. E85 is made up of 85% Ethanol and 15%
Gasoline, Flex Fuel vehicles can run on a full tank of E85 or a mix of
conventional Gasoline and E85. Ethanol is made of renewable starch crops
like corn, in fact, one acre of corn can produce 330 gallons of
combustible ethanol. In addition to this, E85 burns cleaner producing
less carbon emissions.

Start looking for the E85 symbols on
gas pumps, it's growing quite a bit in the U.S already; 10% of pumps now
carry E85. It is the fuel of the near future

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