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Find The Best Used Ford At Your Local Dealership

Find The Best Used Ford At Your Local Dealership


With the days getting longer and the
sunny weather returning, many Canadian drivers are starting to get their cars
tuned-up and ready for spring. But after months of ice, dirt, and road salt,
the daily wear-and-tear might have some drivers considering whether it isn’t
time for an upgrade. If you aren’t sure your vehicle can make it through
another winter, but you aren’t ready to invest in a brand-new vehicle, you
should stop by a Ford dealership to find out about the latest deals on used
cars, trucks and SUVs.

When it comes to buying a used Ford
vehicle in the Greater Toronto Area,
Ford Brampton
the best place to start looking. Family owned for 45 years, Colony Ford has a
long history of offering excellent prices and even better service. We have
become one of the most popular dealerships not just in Brampton, but in the
Toronto Area
offering exceptional deals on new and used vehicles.

While Colony Ford Brampton has a wide
selection of the newest models, we also have the best
collection of used Ford cars in the area, from family favourites
like the Ford Fusion to iconic legends like the Ford Mustang GT coupe or
convertible. Many of our used cars have low kilometers and are 2016 and 2017
models, which means you can get an almost-brand-new car at a drastically
reduced price. We also offer regular monthly deals, so check back regularly to
see what we have on special — we guarantee you’ll be presently surprised by our
exciting offers on a range of new and used vehicles in a variety of trim

Buying a used car is a great way to get
a quality vehicle while saving money, and Colony Brampton offers a range of
Ford certified pre owned cars and trucks that are right for any budget. Our
used vehicles are hand picked and all of them have been hand picked for
reliability and quality. Whether you are looking for a crossover SUV like the
perennially popular Ford Edge, a mid-sized sedan like the Ford Taurus, or an
Canada’s best-selling truck, Colony Ford has a vehicle that will
get you excited to be back on the road.

For most Canadians, financing is a key part of making smart automobile purchases, which is why
Colony Ford Brampton has financial experts on hand to help you get into the
right vehicle for the right price. If you want to make the process even faster,
you can fill out an application form online that will get the process started

For those who are considering buying a
new vehicle, there are more options available than ever before. But if you want
the best quality Ford car or truck at the most affordable price, your local
dealership is still the best place to start looking. Colony Ford Brampton’s
friendly service, knowledgeable staff, and decades of expertise can help you
find a vehicle that fits your budget and your lifestyle. 

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