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Fast Cars for Less: Buy the Ford Mustang of Your Dreams, Today

Fast Cars for Less: Buy the Ford Mustang of Your Dreams, Today

The Ford Mustang is one of the all-time classic muscle cars: with the looks and motor under the hood to boot, you can tell that this car is a speed demon even when it’s parked. A car so famous and so legendary doesn’t need to be reinvented very much but updates are welcome, especially this year's.


The Colony Ford dealership in Brampton has a range of Mustangs on the lot in various models and trims, so you can drive away in the car you’ve always wanted. Here are a few ways we connect you with your dream car.


Legendary Power and Torque

The heart of the sports car is its motor, and the new and used Ford Mustangs on our lot all have what it takes to get you where you’re going, and to shave a few minutes off the drive. Mustangs can vary depending on the model and trim-level you get, but every single one of them has more than enough kick to wow you and your passengers.


For example, the Bullitt has a 5.0L engine with no less than 480 horsepower.  The Shelby GT350 V-8 is good for 460 horsepower and 420 lb.-ft of torque. Punchy and peppy, you can choose from new and used Ford Mustangs and whichever one you decide, it’ll drive with zip you won’t get just anywhere else.


Sporty Look

A sports car needs to make heads turn just by the way it looks, and the Ford Mustang has this quality in spades. With its sinewy hood barely containing the car’s muscles, the hood vents and features like optional racing stripe and spoilers, you’ll be signalling speed wherever you drive.


The car’s interior can be customized, and these details help personalize your dream car and make the cockpit an exciting place to drive.  Choose from the Bullitt model, the GT Performance, Shelby and others, and make choices within each model to get the look that best matches your own sense of style.


Better Leasing Program

Colony Ford Brampton has its own Ford leasing program that can get you rates above and beyond what the manufacturer offers. We always work with customers to find them the most flexible package for their budget, because it’s our goal to find the best path to connect them with their dream car.


At your disposal we have the Halton Peel York Leasing Program, a division of Colony Ford Lincoln which houses our leasing options. Customers with poor credit don’t need to worry.


Whether you need a fleet of vehicles for work or the sports car you’ve always lusted after, Colony Ford Brampton leverages its relationships with financial institutions to give you the best rates and leasing options possible. We’re the family-run car dealership that’s been serving Brampton and the GTA for decades, and we’ve stayed in business so long by always getting what’s best for our customers.


The Mustang is a beautiful car and an impressive piece of engineering — that’s why drivers, passengers and even onlookers have been wowed just by seeing it for decades. With the brawn and looks to match, come to Colony Ford Brampton today when you need to get the sports car that you’ve always wanted.

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