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Everything You Need To Know About Winter Truck Shopping

Everything You Need To Know About Winter Truck Shopping

Winter weather is on its way to Ontario and
that means great ski-doo conditions, snow on the ski hills, and hockey back on
TV. But it also means that the driving conditions in Brampton and the rest of
the Greater Toronto Area are going to get hairy. Low visibility, icy
conditions, and snow plows that just never seem able to keep up with the
snowfall are all common in the city, but that doesn’t mean you get to take the
day off work. People depend on you to be there and be on time, whether it’s
your family or your company, and that means you need a truck to get you there
whatever the weather.


It’s time to gear up for winter with a new
pickup truck, and time for you to head into Colony Ford Brampton to find a
great deal on a Ford F150 in Brampton. The team at our dealership is full of
useful information about buying and maintaining a new or used Ford, but there
are a few things you should prepare for before you buy a new pickup this


#1 Prepare Your Budget


Truck experts will tell you to prepare for sticker shock
if it’s your first time buying a pickup. It’s true you might be surprised be
the price of a high-end trim, but as your Brampton Ford dealer, we always offer you the
lowest price available. With the holidays approaching, you can expect to find
some of the best deals of the year on Ford F150s in Brampton. You can also take
a look at our extensive inventory of used Ford cars and trucks to save even


#2 Choose Your Trim


The Ford 150 comes with an unprecedented
number of trim levels to suit any tastes and any budget. You won’t find a
larger inventory of trim packages than you will at Colony Ford Brampton, and we
can factory-order specific customizations. If you need to drive away in
something right now, come up with a list of must-have features and
nice-to-haves where you can be flexible.


#3 Cab and Bed Size


A larger cab means you may have to live
with a smaller bed size, so make sure you know exactly how big a cab you need.
Pickup trucks have become pretty comfortable in the past few years, even
competing with luxury cars for their interiors, but don’t sacrifice work


#4 Stick to OEM Parts


You won’t have to worry about replacement
parts for some years down the road, but if you’re in a collision or it’s time
to replace a worn-out part, remember that OEM parts are the
only way to keep your truck running the way you’re used to. If you’ve got a
great truck, don’t let someone install lower-quality aftermarket parts. If you need any Ford parts for your F150, take
your truck into the service centre at Colony Ford Brampton.


In addition to serving Brampton for 45
years, we are also a trusted source for Ford trucks in
, Caledon, and Toronto. Wherever you live in the Greater
Toronto Area, come check out our inventory and our end-of-the-year deals on
Ford F150s in Brampton.

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