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Employee's ride: Project 302sx - Nissan with Ford Heart

Employee's ride: Project 302sx - Nissan with Ford Heart

Why are we posting a story about a Nissan on a Ford/Lincoln blog? Two reasons mainly... This is our Business Development Manager's (Nelson), Nissan 240sx convertible and he is in the process of powering it with a Ford 5.0 V8 linked to a Mustang 5 speed transmission.

Nelson is not a license mechanic, but has a passion for cars and motorsports. He is also our Mustang driver that you may have seen in our videos and pictures, roasting tires away.
He always loved the sound and response of the Ford V8, he came up with the idea of this collaboration about ten years ago during his years in high school... He wanted a Japanese summer car that sounds like American muscle. Now 10 years later he is finally making it happen... The car was purchased last August and he almost immediately had the original motor pulled out and sold to pay for the V8 swap. The Ford motor is now already installed and just about ready to be fired up!

Look for this car around the Brampton and Barrie area... His plan for this "Hybrid" is to compete in this years CSCS Ontario drifting series.

You can see the process of this motor swap on the GTA Mustang Club forum:

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