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Cracking Down on Car Thefts - Prevention Starts at Colony

Cracking Down on Car Thefts - Prevention Starts at Colony

Did you know that all vehicles that are sold through Colony Ford Lincoln are branded with traceable numbers?

On numerous panels of the vehicle, an etching is installed with a unique number. Some of these etchings are seen in plain site, the others you have to look for. There is also a warning label on the windows to inform thieves of protection the car has.

This means that it is beneficial for numerous reasons:
1. If the vehicle is ever stolen by a chop-shop, the panels will have these etchings on it which will identify that the car is stolen (when the parts are advertised or put on different cars)
2. If the vehicle is stolen and involved in an accident, the etchings will raise a red flag which will allow Police to identify that the car is indeed stolen and compensate the rightful owner.
3. If a thief plans to re-license this car for the street, they often will cut and replace the original VIN numbers... With the etching hidden around all of the panels of the car, this will also raise a red flag if noticed... As the etching code will not match it's registered and proper VIN number.

There have been many cases where this etching has lead police to crack down on huge theft operations.

For our own piece of mind and your own, we make sure to etch every one of our vehicles with this protection.

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