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Come To Our Lot for the Car You Need

Come To Our Lot for the Car You Need

Looking for your next vehicle is an exciting time: browsing
the lot for the next car that’s going to become an integral part of your daily
life is both important and fun. Whether you’re looking for a new or used car, it’s
essential that you get one that can meet all your needs at the lower price


Colony Ford Brampton has a truly wide range of both new and
used cars. Take a look at all we do to make sure that shopping for your next
vehicle is easy, pressure-free, and totally satisfactory.


 Stocking such a wide selection of vehicles on the lot is the
best way to immediately see what the different options look like in person.
Each Ford model comes in different sizes or
trim options,
so it’s essential to see them all with your own eyes.


Are you looking to buy the legendary Ford Mustang GT? How
about one of countless permutations of Ford’s famous F-150? Do you want a
versatile Crossover SUV?



Most dealerships can order any vehicle you specifically
request, but coming to the dealership and seeing every version of whichever
model you’re interested in at once saves you valuable time. Whether you just
want to inspect the vehicles or take some on a test drive, you can’t do it
unless they’re already on the lot, so come on down to your nearest Ford dealership and check
out what we’ve got in stock.


Pressure-Free Environment

While car
shopping can be fun and exciting
, like with any big purchase for something
you’ll use every day, it can also be stressful at times. Colony Ford Brampton
has run in our family for over 50 years, and we always put the customer at the
centre of the experience.


Our business model doesn’t depend on making a quick sale.
Rather, it’s our goal to form a long-term relationship with you that
potentially lasts even beyond your new car’s lifetime.


Support at All Stages of Your Car’s Life

When you’re looking for
used Ford cars
it’s helpful to find a dealership that also services
vehicles, so you can get support down the road. 
Colony Ford Brampton has a professional collision centre where
factory-trained Ford technicians use real parts from the manufacturer.


This means that every used car on the lot has been properly
and thoroughly inspected by Ford experts, so it’ll run better off the bat. It
also means that later when your vehicle needs servicing, you can always bring
your vehicle down to us. It’s nice to already have a relationship with
trustworthy experts who are familiar with your car.


Way down the road when it comes time to sell your used
, we can even buy it back and start the cycle all over again!


Flexible Financing

At Colony Ford Brampton our goal is to help put everybody
into the car they need, and we work with our Halton Peel York Leasing division
to get you options beyond the manufacturer’s terms. Whether you need short- or
long-term leases ranging from 24, 36, 48, or 60 months, we can do it all.


Colony Ford Brampton is proud of our lease to own program,
our quick and easy upgrade program, and the terms from our lease buyout


We have deals beyond our low everyday prices, so visit us for Ford
and you can get the wide selection, friendly service, and
expertise you come to expect from the family-owned Ford dealership that has
served Brampton and the GTA for over 50 years.

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