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Colony Ford Brampton Guide To Buying Your Kid’s First Car

Colony Ford Brampton Guide To Buying Your Kid’s First Car

It’s the holiday season, and if your son or daughter just got their driver’s license, you might be thinking about buying them their first car for Christmas. It’s a great gift and one they are never going to forget, but before you dive right in, here are a few words of advice.

 Choosing The Right Vehicle

When it comes to something like a vehicle, keeping your holiday budget in mind is more important than ever. With a visit to your Ford dealer in Brampton, our sales team can help find the right vehicle for your teen. While you may want it to be a surprise, keep in mind that you’re probably not going to be able to sneak it into the garage. Bring them along and have them test drive it to make sure they’re comfortable behind the wheel. You need a vehicle they want to drive and one that’s in your budget; that’s what you’ll find at Colony Ford Brampton.

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 Talk About Expenses

It may seem obvious to you, but your kid may not be aware of just how much cars continue to cost long after you buy them. Talk to them and agree on who’s going to pay for gas, insurance, and maintenance. If they have a part time job, teach them some financial responsibility by leaving them to pay for the car’s upkeep. Let them decide whether they want to fill up their tank or go out for dinner.

 Buy Yourself A New Car, Gift Your Old One

 Why spend top dollar for a new car for your kid when yours already has a few years on it? Christmas is a great time to buy a new car – you can expect to find some great deals when you come into Colony Ford Brampton at the end of the year. If you’ve been looking to buy a Mustang but putting it off until your current car is ready to be traded in, why not kill two birds with one stone this Christmas. Buy yourself a new vehicle and give your kid their first car on a budget.

 For many parents, their son or daughter’s first car isn’t just about a gift, it’s also about learning financial responsibility. One idea many parents have is helping their kid out with their first car with a sum of money (and a bit of guidance when it comes to buying the right one), while their kid has to make up the difference. Teaching teens about saving and encouraging them to find a part time job is a great way to set them up for life, and with a great deal on a used Ford, they can afford their own vehicle. Teach them the value of their own vehicle this Christmas and stop by Colony Ford Brampton. It’s always our top priority to find the right car for our customers.

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