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Charge Stations and Focus Electric

Charge Stations and Focus Electric

The all-new Ford Focus has finally arrived to Colony. As mentioned many months ago, we now have an on-site charging station for electric vehicles (two charging terminals). Initially, these were used on the electric Transit Connect and will continue to charge other upcoming electric models from Ford.

The Focus electric of course comes with all the features that make an enviro-friendly car what it is... Proper aerodynamics and lack of heavy luxury features to keep the car going with less to hold it back, however the car is still well equipped. The interior is similar to the gasoline version Focus, seat fabric made of recycled bottles with cushions made of soy beans.
The charging stations can also be purchased and installed in your home by Best Buy for around $1,500. The cost to fully charge your Focus (which will get you about 120-160kms) works out to roughly $2.00!

What we like best about the Focus Electric is the torque response. When you need the power to pass, the electric motor is always ready to give you that burst of speed at the touch of the go pedal. We also like that this car does not shout "Hey, I'm a tree hugger, respect me", much like the Toyota Prius or Nissan Leaf. It's design is similar to the gasoline version Focus with just a few small details changed.

If you want to go for a test drive, give us a call!