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How We Help You Drive a Hot Car When it’s Warm Outside

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How We Help You Drive a Hot Car When it’s Warm Outside

Drivers in Canada know how important it is to enjoy the roads while they’re free of ice and snow, and there’s no better way to enjoy summer driving than being behind the wheel of a real muscle car that makes the road come alive.   Whether you’re navigating downtown city traffic or tearing up the […]

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How We Get Your Family Road Trip-Ready, for Less Money

When you finally get outside the city and enjoy that first taste of the open road, there’s just nothing like it! The sense of adventure is real, and a thrill runs through you. Roads trips are always exciting, and taking your family along for the ride is a great way to spend some close-knit family […]

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How We Make Buying Beautiful Compact SUVs Easy and Affordable

Crossover SUVs are truly vehicles that can do it all. They’re small enough to nimbly navigate through city traffic, large enough to haul a considerable amount of cargo, and rugged enough to handle tougher roads and adverse weather. Practical, durable and versatile, no wonder they’re so popular. One of the most affordable crossover SUVs on […]

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4 Ford Vehicles that are Perfect for Canadian Winter

As a new year begins and Canadians settle into the coldest, darkest months of winter, many drivers are thinking about whether or not the weather would be easier to take if they had a vehicle that was better prepared for the treacherous winter roads of Southern Ontario.   If you believe its time for an upgrade, […]

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3 Reasons to Start the Year with a New Ford

As any experienced driver knows, driving through a Canadian winter comes with a wide range of different hazards. Not only do you need to worry about black ice, freezing rain, and sudden blizzards, the ice and sand that are spread on highways and roads to combat these dangers can be incredibly damaging to even the […]

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Why You Should Celebrate the Holidays with Colony Ford this December

As the year comes to a close and families gather for the holidays, many Canadians will be thinking about the things that matter: fellowship, friendship, and the importance of celebrating with loved ones.   But with cold weather coming in and the snow starting to fly, many Canadians will also be thinking about how much […]

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Get Ready To Celebrate The Holidays With Deals From Colony Ford!

For Canadians, the end-of-year holidays are one of the most joyfully anticipated seasons of the year. In addition to spending time with friends and family and taking a well-earned break from work, Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Year’s offer an unparalleled opportunity to find incredible deals on a wide range of products. This is especially true […]

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Great Recommendations On Used Ford F150s And Mustangs

Whether you’re looking to buy new or used, a bigger inventory will help you choose the right car for you. Buying a car or truck isn’t something you want to rush; you’re going to be driving it for years to come. Take your time when you’re choosing a new or used Ford and visit your […]

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2017 Ford Escape Keeps You Connected with SYNC® 3 and SYNC® Connect

The era of connectivity seems like it will only keep growing stronger, and now that connectivity extends right into our driving lives. This provides a bit of a problem, because, as we all know, texting and driving, or scrolling for a song on your smartphone, is quite dangerous. But thanks to the available SYNC® 3 […]

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Dwayne Johnson Delivers Rocking Vehicle Performance With Ford

There's no doubt that, after starring in three Fast & Furious films, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson knows a thing or two about top vehicle performance. That's why we at Colony Ford Lincoln were excited to learn that he would be joining Ford's team of service specialists this fall! Check out the full press release in […]

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