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Buy the Rugged Pickup Truck You Need Today, For Less

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Buy the Rugged Pickup Truck You Need Today, For Less

There are many professions which basically require a pickup truck — from landscapers, contractors, snowplough drivers and more, pickup trucks have the strength and versatility to get the job done, whatever the job happens to be. The truck that more workers have relied on than any other has got to be the Ford F-150.   […]

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Fulfill Your Fantasy and Drive a Mustang Today

When you were younger, did you ever imagine yourself tearing down the open highway with the top down in a gorgeous sports coupe? Have you felt recently like you could use a little more excitement in your life? There’s hardly anything more exciting than hugging those turns in a sexy car with the wind in […]

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3 Ways to Save Big on a Quality Used Car

Canadians tend to be practical people, and when the average Canadian driver thinks about buying a car, their questions are practical questions — how can I get a rugged, durable, stylish vehicle that I will enjoy driving and that can get me through any kind of weather for a reasonable price?   It’s no secret […]

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Your Local Ford Dealership: Still the Best Place to Find Your Next Vehicle

In 2019, Canadians interested in buying a new car, truck, or SUV have no shortage of options.  But while online marketplaces offer steep discounts, they can rarely guarantee that the vehicles being sold are in good condition, and it is not uncommon for shoppers who buy cheap thinking they have found an incredible deal only […]

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3 Reasons to Ring in Spring at Colony Ford in Brampton

After a long Canadian winter, the first thing many automotive aficionados will want to do when the snow melts and the roads clear is to give their vehicles a complete cleaning and tune-up. A tune-up is a great way to make sure that your car is running safe and clean, and there’s plenty of evidence to show […]

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Take Care of Your Vehicle at Colony Ford in Brampton

With temperatures reaching consistent lows and storms blowing in from the lake, February can be one of the most difficult months of the year for Canadian drivers. Between the accumulations of road salt and sand, the dangers of ice and slush, and the drastic and sudden changes of temperature that come when you live in the Greater […]

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3 Reasons to Make Your Next Vehicle a Pre-Owned Ford

When shopping for a new vehicle, drivers have never faced as much choice as they do now. With dozens of brands and hundreds of potential models vying for their attention, narrowing down the search list to those few key options can be difficult.  This is especially true given that each individual and each family has […]

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4 Ford Vehicles that are Perfect for Canadian Winter

As a new year begins and Canadians settle into the coldest, darkest months of winter, many drivers are thinking about whether or not the weather would be easier to take if they had a vehicle that was better prepared for the treacherous winter roads of Southern Ontario.   If you believe its time for an upgrade, […]

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3 Reasons to Start the Year with a New Ford

As any experienced driver knows, driving through a Canadian winter comes with a wide range of different hazards. Not only do you need to worry about black ice, freezing rain, and sudden blizzards, the ice and sand that are spread on highways and roads to combat these dangers can be incredibly damaging to even the […]

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Why You Should Celebrate the Holidays with Colony Ford this December

As the year comes to a close and families gather for the holidays, many Canadians will be thinking about the things that matter: fellowship, friendship, and the importance of celebrating with loved ones.   But with cold weather coming in and the snow starting to fly, many Canadians will also be thinking about how much […]

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