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How We Get Your Family Road Trip-Ready, for Less Money

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How We Get Your Family Road Trip-Ready, for Less Money

When you finally get outside the city and enjoy that first taste of the open road, there’s just nothing like it! The sense of adventure is real, and a thrill runs through you. Roads trips are always exciting, and taking your family along for the ride is a great way to spend some close-knit family […]

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Work Vehicles That Transport Everything

When you need a tough, rugged vehicle to get your work done, you know that Ford has your back. If you need a versatile pick-up truck that can do it all, the Ford F-150 is for you. If what you’re transporting is people, then you need the Ford Transit Passenger Wagon. In either case, buying […]

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Give Your Ford a Proper Tune Up This Spring

As every experienced Canadian driver knows, winter can be awfully hard on even the most well made cars and SUVs. Between corrosion damage from road salt and sand to the negative effect of rapid temperature changes on your breaks and transmission, your vehicle ages faster during winter than at any other time of the year. […]

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3 Ways to Save Big on a Quality Used Car

Canadians tend to be practical people, and when the average Canadian driver thinks about buying a car, their questions are practical questions — how can I get a rugged, durable, stylish vehicle that I will enjoy driving and that can get me through any kind of weather for a reasonable price?   It’s no secret […]

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Your Local Ford Dealership: Still the Best Place to Find Your Next Vehicle

In 2019, Canadians interested in buying a new car, truck, or SUV have no shortage of options.  But while online marketplaces offer steep discounts, they can rarely guarantee that the vehicles being sold are in good condition, and it is not uncommon for shoppers who buy cheap thinking they have found an incredible deal only […]

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3 Reasons to Make Your Next Vehicle a Pre-Owned Ford

When shopping for a new vehicle, drivers have never faced as much choice as they do now. With dozens of brands and hundreds of potential models vying for their attention, narrowing down the search list to those few key options can be difficult.  This is especially true given that each individual and each family has […]

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3 Ways to Make the Most of Colony Ford's Holiday Sales

For car fans across Canada, the holidays are not just a welcome opportunity to get together with friends and family. They also offer a unique chance to find incredible deals on the hottest new cars, trucks, and SUVs from trusted international brands like the Ford Motor Company.   If you are looking for a local […]

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Why Fall Is The Perfect Time To Visit Your Ford Dealership

When it comes to shopping for a new car, there’s no better time than fall. As the leaves change colour and the days grow short, car fans everywhere head to their local Ford dealerships to check out the new 2019 models and hunt for great deals on the 2018 stock. Whether you’re looking for a […]

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Everything You Need To Know About Winter Truck Shopping

Winter weather is on its way to Ontario and that means great ski-doo conditions, snow on the ski hills, and hockey back on TV. But it also means that the driving conditions in Brampton and the rest of the Greater Toronto Area are going to get hairy. Low visibility, icy conditions, and snow plows that […]

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Find Great Ford Lease Deals With Us

Are you a contractor or a small business owner looking for a Ford in Brampton, Ontario? You may not be sure whether or not it’s better for your bottom line to lease or buy. As your Brampton Ford dealer, here at Colony Ford Brampton we wanted to discuss your options as a small business. We […]

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