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Find The Best Used Ford At Your Local Dealership

With the days getting longer and the sunny weather returning, many Canadian drivers are starting to get their cars tuned-up and ready for spring. But after months of ice, dirt, and road salt, the daily wear-and-tear might have some drivers considering whether it isn’t time for…

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Which Ford Vehicle Fits Your Lifestyle Best?

When shopping for a Ford vehicle, one thing is guaranteed: no matter what you’re looking for, there will be plenty of high quality options. Whether you want an SUV that can fit the whole family, or a sports car that will make the highway melt under your tires, Ford Motors has the perfect vehicle.
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Your Essential Mustang Maintenance Guide

While modern-day Mustangs are not nearly as maintenance-heavy as classic models of the past, if you want to keep your muscle car running smoothly and at peak performance, be prepared to put some work into it. You expect a lot out of a high-powered car like a Ford Mustang, but it’s going to expect something out of you. Keep in mind that, as with any car, the more miles you put on, the more maintenance you’re going to have to perform.

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Better Prices & Service When You Buy Your Ford in Brampton

You have access to more options than ever when you want to buy a Ford in Brampton, but we firmly believe that none of them will ever replace the customer experience of dealing with your local, family-owned Ford dealership in Brampton. Buying local is about a lot more than just supporting Brampton businesses, it’s about getting a better deal, better service, and a better experience for you.

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Get Your Custom Mustang in Brampton At Colony Ford Brampton

Our inventory of new and used Ford cars and trucks is one of the widest in the GTA. You can find the car or truck you need for your commute, your family, getting out of town, or your job. However, our favourite line of vehicle is just for you: the legendary Mustang. We’re crazy about the muscle car that defined a generation and continues to be a favourite set of wheels for new drivers every year. We don’t just sell Mustangs, either, we are also passionate Mustang customizations.



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Find Great Ford Lease Deals With Us

Are you a contractor or a small business owner looking for a Ford in Brampton, Ontario? You may not be sure whether or not it’s better for your bottom line to lease or buy. As your Brampton Ford dealer, here at Colony Ford Brampton we wanted to discuss your options as a small business. We have tons of leasing options for your Ford fleet, as well as new and used options.

The right decision…
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What It’s Like Driving The 2017 Mustang GT

The Ford Mustang was practically born a legend and since 1964, it’s long been associated with youth, adventure, boldness, and power. All that and they’re a treat to drive, which is why we’ve been selling them to Brampton and the Greater Toronto Area for over 45 years.
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5 Things To Do Before You Buy A Car With Bad Credit

Buying a new vehicle can be stressful when you have a poor credit score; banks may not be willing to lend to you, or only at exorbitant interest rates. But whether you need a vehicle to get to work or because you need to do your job, your hands are tied. Luckily, you don’t have to get taken for a ride just to get in one. These are the 5 things you absolutely must do before you go shopping for a Ford with a bad credit score.
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