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Caleb C. Raps About the Ford F-150

Caleb C. Raps About the Ford F-150

It has a top speed of 8 kph. It has a cup holder, radio and a maximum weight capacity of 59kg. And not just anyone is driving it. It's the Power Wheel Ford F-150 and famous rapper, Caleb C is behind the wheel. He is the coolest kid on the block, picking up the ladies left and right and doing it all before nap time.  He drinks his chocolate milk without the straw, can eat his peanut butter and jelly with the crust and can rap about it all.

In his music video, Caleb C talks about his ride, creating an extensive fan-base of more than just his catchy beats but the F-150. It doesn't take much convincing to get behind the wheel of the F-150. But since we don't all meet the height and weight requirements, there is a model that is more our speed: the 2014 Ford F-150.

Here is Toronto, Colony Ford Lincoln is stocked with 2014 Ford F-150s.  Move aside Caleb C. because there are more F-150s on the block.

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