Buying Reliable Used Vehicles Has Never Been Easier

Even the most inexpensive vehicle costs a lot of money, so it’s no surprise that buying them used is a popular way to get a vehicle for less. However, it’s not really a deal if the used vehicle you’re paying less for breaks down soon after the purchase — you’re only truly saving money if you spend less to get a vehicle that drives reliably for years.

Here’s how the certified pre-owned program at your local family-owned Brampton Ford dealership makes it easy to buy a used Ford that will drive well for years.

Huge Range on the Lot

Unlike when buying a car that’s brand new, it’s essential that the specific used vehicle you’re considering purchasing is there in the parking lot when you’re shopping. You can’t just order the vehicle and have it shipped in, because no two used vehicles are in the exact same condition.

Having a vast selection of vehicles available immediately takes on new importance when they’re used, especially if you’re looking at the certified pre-owned program. Feel free to browse through Colony Ford Brampton’s demo inventory if you’re looking for a used luxury SUV or pickup truck that will drive like new, but cost less.

From sedans to SUVs to pickup trucks, the Ford vehicle you’re looking for is already likely on our lot already. Not only have they been inspected by trained and certified Ford technicians, but some of the vehicles may even have advanced custom Roush modifications.

Trucks That Work Hard

Actually, there are many different things called a Ford F-150 because the truck is available in many different trims. More, each trim can be customized from within, so two F-150s may be quite different from one another.

It’s a good idea to shop for winter tough vehicles even when it’s spring; if you’re looking for a pickup truck that has a snowplough attachment, you could get a better price on it now rather than in peak winter. Plus, the military-grade aluminum-alloy body that makes this truck strong enough to cope with winter conditions is useful in any season.

Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles

Just because a vehicle has had one owner doesn’t mean it isn’t still very full of life. Ford has a special program in place to ensure that people can buy the absolute best pre-owned Ford vehicles in the marketplace, known as the certified pre-owned program.

Every vehicle in the program undergoes a thorough inspection by a factory-trained technician by the time you see it on the lot. This means that the people who build them in the first place have seen that any certified pre-owned vehicle you’re considering purchasing will drive like new.

In addition to a thorough initial inspection, every vehicle in the program comes automatically with a one-year/20,000 kilometre (whatever comes first) Comprehensive Limited warranty covering more than 1,000 components. The vehicle you buy needs to drive well when you take it off the lot that night, but also further on down the road — Ford makes it easy, and Colony Ford Brampton has the selection you need for every budget and lifestyle.

Whether it’s for picking up the groceries or hauling heavy work materials, from the ultra compact Ford EcoSport sedan to the most fully-loaded F-150, your local family-owned Ford dealership has a wide range of used vehicles available. We’ve checked to make sure they meet the automaker’s standard, and we go above and beyond to give you friendly and attentive service — if you need a reliable used vehicle, we look forward to seeing you soon.