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Better Prices & Service When You Buy Your Ford in Brampton

Better Prices & Service When You Buy Your Ford in Brampton

You have access to more options than ever when you want to buy a Ford in Brampton, but we firmly believe that none of them will ever replace the customer experience of dealing with your local, family-owned Ford dealership in Brampton. Buying local is about a lot more than just supporting Brampton businesses, it’s about getting a better deal, better service, and a better experience for you.

 Local Is Better

 Colony Ford Brampton has been serving the Brampton community for 45 years and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We live for this community and we love our customers, which is why we have unparalleled customer service and a Brampton Ford service centre you’ll come to rely on for all of your maintenance and repair jobs. We’re not just here to make a sale, we’re proud to be your local Ford dealership and we strive to make your Brampton Ford ownership as stress-free as possible.

Local Brampton Ford Deaeler


We also understand that driving in Brampton isn’t a luxury, it’s the key to a good quality of life, which is why we also offer financing, even for customers with bad credit. You can easily apply for credit online for your Brampton Ford so that you can get on the road and get to your job.

We Love Mustangs

 If you’re in the market for a Ford Mustang in Brampton or considering your customization options, look no further than our team here at Colony Ford Brampton. We’re mad about Mustangs – just take a look at some of the projects we’ve worked on in the past. Our team lives for the details of Ford Mustang customization, from LED headlights to custom electronic power steering, gauge monitoring on an LED centre screen, and performance packages. We’re also licensed dealers of Roush and their premium Ford Mustang parts, many of which are actually backed by Ford itself. Don’t invalidate your warranty by installing the wrong custom part; talk to us about your warranty and customization, and always go with Roush.

In addition to Mustang customizations, we also offer performance driver training for initiates who want to take their custom Mustang in Brampton onto the race track. There are a couple of tracks throughout the GTA where you can test the limits of your classic muscle car, but it’s highly recommended that you start with performance driver training, which can also help you handle a powerful performance car on the highway.

We Love Savings

 When you need to save on your Ford in Brampton, visit Colony Ford Brampton and check out our inventory of used and pre owned vehicles. Buying a pre owned Ford in Brampton can offer you a steep discount compared to the price of a new vehicle, but with fewer years of wear and tear than most used vehicles. Thanks to an inspection from a Ford factory technician, you’re also getting a more reliable vehicle. Buying pre owned certified means you drive off with a lightly used car that’s under warranty and that’s been closely inspected, reducing the likelihood of expensive repairs hitting you sooner than later. Most pre owned certified Brampton Fords come to us when they’re returned off of a lease. It’s a great reassurance, especially for higher-end vehicles like the Ford F150 or Mustang. Come check out our inventory of used and pre owned certified vehicles and start saving.


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