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All new Shelby GT500 - a real supercar at a modest price

All new Shelby GT500 - a real supercar at a modest price

 The all new Shelby GT500 puts out over 650hp and 631 lb-ft torque, at a base price of $55,000... So how does that compare with the other benchmark supercars? As an example, we'll use the latest Ferrari 458... Price tag on this car is about $300,000, but with 100 hp and 200 lb-ft torque less than the GT500. There's no denying that the performance numbers of the Ferrari are slightly better, the 458 will do 0-60 in 3.4 seconds while the GT500 will do it in 3.7 seconds.
Now, now, I know what you're thinking. You can't compare a Ferrari with a car that was built off a Mustang. After all, most people buy the Ferrari because of the name and presence. However, you can't help but respect that Ford has finally made available for the working man, a 200 mph + supercar that can be daily driven, tracked, and will put to shame most of the competition that is well worth 5 times it's value. They have taken the muscle car into exotic car territory.

The 2013 GT500, looks just as aggressive as it goes. Most car companies have a hard time getting their high powered models to actually hook up from a stand still, the result is typically an embarrassing bogging and power cutting launch that leaves drivers questioning; why even bother equipping the car with so much power if it can't be utilized?
With 650 hp on tap, you would think it would be impossible for the GT500 to provide peek acceleration times without roasting the tires. The engineers at Ford got it right, watch this video on the Launch Control available on the latest Shelby GT500.

2013 Shelby GT500 Launch Control

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